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Dr. Steve Petzel

Owner / CEO


Chiropractor Western Springs


Seeking a chiropractor in Western Springs is an exhausting experience, as you will come across a few in this beautiful suburb. Chiropractors work towards treating a few common conditions that tend to aggravate, and these include muscle pains, headaches, joints, and low back pain. 

All these may affect your nervous system and in turn, you need to seek immediate consultation from a chiropractor, and get rid of any aches and pains including any future life-threatening conditions. Learn more about chiropractors in Western Springs and how to find the right one. 

What do Chiropractors in Western Springs Do?

As mentioned earlier Chiropractors are doctors who specialize in teaching different pains, aches, and cracks and strains that are linked with your musculoskeletal system. The main thing chiropractors do is give you the best treatments that will help you achieve some effective results. Most of these treatments do not require any use of medication which allows chiropractors to give you some unique and effective treatments.

 None of these treatments are really painful. Other than feeling a bit sore you don’t have to worry about any harmful side-effects. A chiropractic treatment is meant for all ages; hence chiropractors are open to seeing everyone and curate treatments according to their age and condition. As soon as you sit for your first consultation and give a proper medical history to your chiropractor, you will then receive a list of treatments that you will have to go through.  Mentioned below are a few common treatments your chiropractor might prescribe you:


Chiropractors love telling you about different exercises to carry out as they see this as a way of a natural treatment that really shows results. These exercises will help resort and maintain your mobility. The exercise will target different pains depending on where you’re experiencing them. 

Spinal Manipulation/Adjustments

This is a common treatment in which the chiropractor will use their hands to apply a controlled force to a specific joint of the spine that will help reduce pain. 

Soft Tissue Therapy

This therapy involves relaxing tight muscles through different massages. It also helps release muscle spasms and get rid of any tension in the connective tissue area. 

Lifestyle Adjustments 

Your chiropractor will advise you on making specific changes in your day-to-day activities and diet. These changes are a part of a treatment and play an important role in the effectiveness of other treatments as well. The fact that most Chiropractic treatments are natural shouldn’t make you doubt any treatment going wrong. 

There are many other effective treatments Chiropractors offer in Western Springs, the ones mentioned above are the most common form of treatments and have been very effective in all our chiropractic treatments of different patients. 

When to See a Chiropractor in Western Springs 

It is important to know when to see a chiropractor immediately as this way you can achieve effective treatment and prevent any further complications. To help you know when it is the right time to see chiropractors mentioned below are a few signs that indicate a chiropractor consultation:

  • Intense Pain in Joint or Muscles 

Patients often tend to run to a painkiller as soon as they start experiencing sudden joint muscle pain. While painkillers may be an effective short-term treatment, these aches and pain require long-term treatments to prevent further complications. 

The best treatment is to go to a chiropractor and seek their guidance. With the help of pain management treatment, you will be free of your joint and muscle pains. Treatments like spinal adjustment help improve the mood flow and nerve conductivity in the joints and muscles in turn relieving pain. 

  • Regular Headaches

Experiencing a headache everyday is not a good sign, as it could be caused due to a misalignment in the spine or neck. Chiropractors help increase the supply of oxygen in your brain by providing the right treatments. Some of the treatments might involve a change in your lifestyle and diet. 

  • Been in an Accident 

If you’re involved in an accident you must immediately go see a chiropractor as accidents can cause many injuries in different areas of the body that a chiropractor can effectively treat. There are chiropractors that specifically specialize in accident injuries, diagnosing and treating it the correct way. 

  • Chronic Back Pain 

A chiropractic visit is a must if you are experiencing chronic back pain, especially if you have a job that requires you to sit in one position for long hours. This could be caused by poor posture as well, and a chiropractor can provide effective natural treatment instead of using medicines. 

How Does a Chiropractic Treatment Work?

Most of the chiropractic treatments offer work and prove to be very effective when it comes to relieving intense muscle and joint pain. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on many things, but starts off by a consultation with a chiropractor. The treatments consist of 4 steps that all lead towards the effectiveness of the treatment. Mentioned below are the 4 steps and how a chiropractor’s treatment works:

  • Identifying the Problem 

With the help of a proper medical history report and a few tests carried out after that, your chiropractor will detect the problem and work towards finding the treatment once diagnosing you. 

  • Providing Pain Relief Treatments

According to your diagnosis, your chiropractor will give you the right treatment. There are many treatments that chiropractors offer and these include massage therapy, vibration therapy, laser therapy, spinal adjustments and more.

  • Emphasize on Treatment with the Help of Corrective Care 

Chiropractors also offer corrective care that improves the success of the treatment, and helps get rid of any pain. Corrective care consists of postural exercises, spinal rehab traction, and spinal orthotics. mirror image adjustments and more. 

  • Follow-Up

A few weeks after you’ve received your treatment you have to come for a follow-up with your chiropractor. The follow-up will involve maintaining your treatment though the same exercises and a few changes in your lifestyle recommended by your chiropractor. This will also include a functional movement program and ergonomic advice. 


Now that you have an idea on the role of chiropractors and what they offer, it's time you seek a consultation with the best Chiropractor in Western Springs and prevent any muscular or joint that might be having an effect on your daily activities. 

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Corrective Care

3-Step Approach to Solve Pain &
Correct the Problem

STEP 1 - Find the Problem

• Thorough History
• Orthopedic Examination
• Neurological Testing
• Musculoskelatal Exam
• Range-of-Motion
• X-Ray

STEP 2 - Pain Relief

STEP 3 - Corrective Care (Optional)

• Spinal and Extremity Joint Adjustments
• Therapeutic Exercises
• Spinal Rehab Traction
• Spinal Orthotics (Denneroll)


What our patients have to say...

"Dr. Petzel is great! The office has an awesome vibe. It's super clean and feels homey. He plays great music which helps to relax. Has all the equipment there to fit your needs. I trust his expertise which allows him to make the best judgment call for treatment. Makes me feel comfortable, communication is great and we have the best conversations! Love that he has free treats at the front desk. Covid safety protocols implemented. Would definitely recommend Dr. Petzel and this location!"

"Dr. Steve is a highly skilled chiropractor proficient in many techniques. I have referred a handful of patients to him and all have had such great results, improved posture and increased range of motion. I’d Definitely recommend him, 5* doctor!"

"I felt pampered in this upscale chiropractor's office. This was my first experience with a male massage therapist, and he was competent. I do not recall the exact name of the technique--it was something similar to lengthening--but it was wonderful! I would refer anyone to this facility."

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