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Dr. Steve Petzel

Owner / CEO


Chiropractor Clarendon Hills, IL


A Chiropractor in Clarendon Hills is easily available if you look for the right one, and you’re in the right place to do that. A chiropractor is a health-care professional that focuses on the treatment of the spine and other joints of the body that connect to your nervous system. They give you the right diagnosis and treatments that include various natural techniques to restore and relieve muscle and joint pain. 

They may also guide you on making changes to your diet and lifestyle that could have a great impact on your condition. It is necessary to get a chiropractor to relieve pain, at least once in your life, as there are a lot of other health conditions that you could prevent from occurring in the future.  To learn more about chiropractors and why you must visit one, read further below. 

What is The Role of a Chiropractor 

As mentioned earlier above, a chiropractor is a doctor who specializes in improving your well-being and spinal health. A chiropractor will help you with whatever pains or muscular issues you’re facing by providing you with the right diagnosis and treatment. There are different types of treatments chiropractors offer, but none of them consist of surgeries or medications. Most of the treatments are natural and quite effective. 

What Makes a Good Chiropractor?

You will come across quite a few chiropractors in Clarendon Hills, hence it is important that you choose the best and receive effective treatment at once. To help you in choosing the best chiropractor in Clarendon Hills, mentioned below are a few traits that make a chiropractor good. So when selecting one make sure to keep these traits in mind. 

  • Should Have Good Communication Skills

It is a must for a chiropractor to have good communication skills as this way it is easier for the patient to communicate the issue they are suffering from better. To find out the communication skills of a chiropractor, book an appointment with them and have all your questions ready. 

If they respond to you in a good way at once answering your question then it showcases that they have good communication skills.  Having good communication skills is important when it comes to describing certain techniques and treatments too. 

  • Have Strong Core Values

A chiropractor who has a good educational background when studying for this field will tend to have strong core values. It is important for a chiropractor to have this as this showcases how they will administer and communicate with their clients. Through strong core values, you can build trust with your chiropractor and this in some way helps make the treatment more effective and successful. 

  • They Should Have High-Quality Training 

Training is very important for a chiropractor, so you would want to attain treatment from someone who has gone through proper training and has hands-on experience at the same time. You should note the institution they received their training from and the exams completed. 

  • Those who are Up-To-Date with new Advancements in The industry

Your chiropractor should be updated with all traditional and modern techniques, especially digital. Digital technology makes the treatment process faster and easier, especially when it comes to sharing results or receiving on-spot consultation. Equipment keeps changing and improving too, so to achieve the best effective treatment your chiropractor should be aware of the latest instruments and appliances used in a chiropractic treatment. 

  • Should Have a Good Network 

A good chiropractor is one who stays informed with all his/her colleagues working with them and the different rules and regulations that might be changing in Clarendon Hills in the chiropractic industry.  Having a strong network gives the patient the relief that the professional is good at what they do, and is also a good way for you to gain a sense of calamity and build trust. 

  • Have Good Listening Skills

In your first consultation with a chiropractor you will be able to tell whether your chiropractor is a good listener or not. It is important for your chiropractor or any doctor for that matter to be a good listener as this way they will understand your condition better, and will be able to come up with the best possible treatment for your chiropractic condition. A chiropractor also has to take a few things in consideration when consulting a client, and for that to work out they must have good listening skills. 

Consultation with a Chiropractor in Clarendon Hills

To have a consultation with a chiropractor you first have to make an appointment, and once you receive your appointment date you can be on your way to attaining the best spinal treatments. A consultation with a chiropractor in Clarendon Hills is very simple yet effective, depending on which one you visit of course.

The first thing that will happen during the consultation is you giving the doctor a detailed history about your medical health verbally or on paper. This is followed with a set of neurological and orthopedic tests conducted by the Chiropractor so that they can give you a proper diagnosis. These tests will also include a few x-rays to determine the exact postural issue. After a thorough examination and detecting the issue you will receive a set of treatments offered by the chiropractor. These treatments focus on relieving pain through laser therapy, vibration therapy, massage therapy and more. 

Next, the chiropractor will use the corrective care approach which involves suggesting postural exercises, power plate rehabilitation, and mirror image adjustment to better the success of the treatment. You will also have to go for a follow-up a few weeks after attaining treatment. In the follow-up the Chiropractor will see the progress of the exercises, and guide you on making changes to your lifestyle and eating habits for the treatments to work out properly. 

The Bottom-Line 

Hopefully with the help of this article you can now choose the best chiropractor in Clarendon Hills and achieve the right treatment. These treatments are a must if you have been suffering from chronic back pain or any other joint pain for a long time. You will notice the improvement as soon as you start receiving treatment!


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Corrective Care

3-Step Approach to Solve Pain &
Correct the Problem

STEP 1 - Find the Problem

• Thorough History
• Orthopedic Examination
• Neurological Testing
• Musculoskelatal Exam
• Range-of-Motion
• X-Ray

STEP 2 - Pain Relief

STEP 3 - Corrective Care (Optional)

• Spinal and Extremity Joint Adjustments
• Therapeutic Exercises
• Spinal Rehab Traction
• Spinal Orthotics (Denneroll)


What our patients have to say...

"Dr. Petzel is great! The office has an awesome vibe. It's super clean and feels homey. He plays great music which helps to relax. Has all the equipment there to fit your needs. I trust his expertise which allows him to make the best judgment call for treatment. Makes me feel comfortable, communication is great and we have the best conversations! Love that he has free treats at the front desk. Covid safety protocols implemented. Would definitely recommend Dr. Petzel and this location!"

"Dr. Steve is a highly skilled chiropractor proficient in many techniques. I have referred a handful of patients to him and all have had such great results, improved posture and increased range of motion. I’d Definitely recommend him, 5* doctor!"

"I felt pampered in this upscale chiropractor's office. This was my first experience with a male massage therapist, and he was competent. I do not recall the exact name of the technique--it was something similar to lengthening--but it was wonderful! I would refer anyone to this facility."

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